Orfeld V20 vs H01: Which Is Truly A Jack Of All Trades?

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Orfeld V20 vs H01: Both of these vacuums are versatile performers, capable of tackling a wide range of surfaces. However, they may not be considered masters in any particular area. You will get what you pay for when buying either of them. 

The Orfeld V20, thanks to its two separate brush rollers, helps it perform slightly better than its counterparts on the vacuuming carpets. But I still do not recommend them for homes with wall-to-wall carpet or vacuuming thick carpet. 

On the other hand, the Orfeld H01 offers some notable features that I appreciate. The removable battery makes charging a breeze, and the brighter LED light enhances visibility for spotting dust and debris on the floor. Additionally, the H01’s advanced filtration system makes it a compelling option for individuals who prioritize cleaner air, particularly those with asthma concerns.

Orfeld V20 vs H01: Comparison Chart

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Orfeld V20 vs H01: Differences

The Orfeld V20 and H01 go head-to-head in this battle, with each vacuum showcasing its own strengths. The V20 shines with its dual brush rollers, providing slightly better performance, especially on carpets. On the other hand, the H01 takes the lead with its more advanced filtration system, making it an excellent choice for individuals with asthma concerns. In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences.

Cleaning Performance

Winner: Orfeld V20

Suction Mode

Both the Orfeld V20 and H01 offer two suction modes: Standard mode and Turbo mode. In Standard mode, they deliver up to 8000Pa of strong suction power, effectively handling dust, hair, and cat litter on various hard flooring surfaces. This mode proved sufficient for most of my regular cleaning tasks.

However, when it came to tackling dirt and dust embedded in my area rugs, I had to rely on the Turbo mode. With over 20000Pa of suction power, the Turbo mode was designed to handle more stubborn dirt. However, in my experience, the actual performance did not quite live up to the brand’s claims.

Cleaner Head & Cleaning Performance

Orfeld V20

Orfeld V20's hard roller brush and soft roller brush
Orfeld V20’s hard roller brush and soft roller brush

The Orfeld V20, which features a soft roller brush and a hard roller brush, initially gave me high hopes for versatile cleaning on different surfaces. Some find switching between the brush rolls for different surfaces a hassle. However, I personally found it very easy to switch out, and it takes me only 10 seconds to do so. 

When utilizing the soft roller brush to clean hard floors, the Orfeld V20 exceeded my expectations. Even in its normal mode, it effectively picked up all sizes of dust and debris, leaving the surface immaculate without any scattering issues. 

As a pet owner, I was particularly impressed with its ability to tackle pet hair. The vacuum effortlessly detected and collected every strand of hair, and even when the brush roll was filled with hair, it continued to spin without any jams or interruptions. Plus, the easy removal of the brush roll to actually clean out all the tangled hair is amazing.  

However, it let me down when vacuuming carpet. Although it comes with a hard roller brush that is specially designed for carpet, it still falls short. It still works fine on low pile carpet. If you just vacuum surface-level crumbs, it can tackle it easily. 

However, when it came to thicker carpets, I found that its suction power was lacking. It simply couldn’t generate enough suction to effectively pick up dust and debris from deep within the carpet fibers. I attempted to improve its performance by switching to Turbo mode, which provided a slight improvement, but I still had to repeatedly go over and over the same spot to achieve satisfactory results.

Orfeld H01

Orfeld H01's cleaner head
Orfeld H01’s cleaner head

The H01 is equipped with a versatile 2-in-1 roller brush that directly cleans various surfaces, including carpets and hardwood floors. I love that I don’t have to frequently switch the roller brushes. Now you may wonder, “Does it make cleaning performance worse or even better?”

I have to say that it delivers comparable results to the V20 on hard floors and low-pile carpets. However, when it comes to high-pile carpets, the H01 falls short. It struggles to effectively remove visible pet hair and seems unable to agitate dust for effective suction. In this aspect, the Orfeld V20 still outperforms the H01.

Dustbin & Filtration System

The Winner: Orfeld H01 

Both the Orfeld V20 and H01 feature a 5-stage filtration system, but the inclusions are not exactly the same.

The dust cup of both models includes a steel mesh filter and a HEPA filter, ensuring clean air discharge and trapping dust effectively. To empty the dust cup, just release the latch to flip open the lid. However, I noticed that in order to completely remove all the debris without any clogging, I had to take out the mesh filter.

Orfeld H01's outlet filter is in the motor part
Orfeld H01’s outlet filter is in the motor part

One notable distinction is that the H01 incorporates an outlet filter in the motor part, which can be easily disassembled for cleaning. This additional filter is particularly beneficial for those with allergies as it captures fine dust particles and allergens, preventing them from spreading around the room when the vacuum cleaner expels air. If you suffer from asthma or have concerns about allergens, you will appreciate the enhanced filtration system of the Orfeld H01.

Battery Life & Charging

Winner: Tie

Battery Life

Orfeld V20Orfeld H01
Normal Mode28 – 30 minutes 25 – 30 minutes
Turbo Mode10 – 15 minutes 12 – 10 minutes
Charge Time~ 4.5 hours~ 4.5 hours

I have to admit that the battery life of both the Orfeld V20 and H01 left me feeling disappointed. With just one charge, I couldn’t complete my cleaning tasks throughout my home. Moreover, the charging time of around 4 hours to get around 30 minutes of cleaning was excessive, resulting in significant downtime. To address this issue, I highly recommend purchasing an extra battery to ensure uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

Orfeld H01 comes with a removable battery
Orfeld H01 comes with a removable battery

Fortunately, the Orfeld H01 comes with a removable battery, allowing me to purchase an additional battery and charge it separately. This way, I never have to worry about interruptions during my cleaning tasks. 

On the flip side, the V20’s battery is integrated inside the handle. While it can also be charged separately, it adds bulkiness to the process. You can also buy another handle (it integrates the battery inside) to extend your running time. But, imagine it, it is quite large, and it take more space to store.  

Docking Station

The Orfeld V20 and H01 both come with a wall-mounted docking station, a convenient accessory for charging and storing the vacuums. The docking station is a plastic slab that already has the power adapter installed, making it easy to hang on a wall. 

I know some of you may find having to drill walls inconvenient. In such case, an alternative option is to lay the docking station flat on a table and charge the disassembled battery unit.

The docking station also features slots to hold the vacuum’s accessories. Orfeld decided to position the storage holder on the underside of the rack raises my eyebrows. As it leads to minor drawback is that occasionally the accessories tend to slip from the storage stand when I am placing the vacuum back.


Winner: Tie 

User Interface

Orfeld V20 vs H01: User Interface
Orfeld V20 vs H01: User Interface

The H01 has only one control button on the handle. Pressing the button once turns on the vacuum cleaner, and pressing it again switches to Turbo mode. On the top, there is a suction power indicator and the battery level indicator is located on the battery itself.

In contrast, the V20 offers a more intuitive user interface. It features a three-segment LED adjacent to the mode button, providing a clear indication of the current battery level. Additionally, it has a dedicated button labeled “Turbo” for easily switching to turbo mode.

LED lights

The Orfeld H01 is equipped with 5 LED lights on the front, providing ample illumination for cleaning. These lights are especially useful on wood floors, as they help to spot debris that I might otherwise go unnoticed.

On the other hand, the V20 has LED lights positioned on the top of the cleaner head. However, with only 2 lights, their effectiveness is somewhat dependent on the ambient lighting conditions. To fully benefit from these lights, I advice to dim the room lights for improved visibility.

Quick Rundown Of Orfeld V20

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  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver. 
  • Great on the hard floor. 
  • Not too loud.
  • Come with 2 brush rollers for hard floor and carpet separately.
  • Suction power is mediocre to do well on thick carpet.

Quick Rundown Of Orfeld H01

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  • Lightweight.
  • Suction is powerful on hard surfaces. 
  • Dedicated rollers for carpet and hard floors.
  • The LED light is so helpful in illuminating the dirt, dust, etc.,
  • The battary is not removable.
  • It can’t stand up by itself.

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