BuTure VC50 vs JR400: A Comprehensive Review & Comparison

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In this comprehensive BuTure VC50 vs JR400 comparison article, we dive deep into these two machines’ features, performance, and user experiences to know why the BuTure VC50 has the edge. 

The BuTure VC50 has slightly better performance thanks to its versatility in suction mode and V-shaped roller. Moreover, its innovative surface sensor and intuitive user interface set it apart. Considering all these factors, the BuTure VC50 proves itself to be the deserving winner.

As a runner-up, the BuTure JR400 is also a worthwhile purchase. Like the winner, It has comparable cleaning performance on hard floors and picks up pet hair. Notably, the JR400’s 5-stage filtration system impresses with the inclusion of an additional air filter, further enhancing its appeal.

BuTure VC50 vs JR400: Comparison Chart

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BuTure VC50 emerges as the winner with a final score of 2-1. It has better cleaning performance and utilities compared to the JR400. Keep reading for more detail. 

Cleaning Performance

The Winner: BuTure VC50

Suction Power

 The BuTure JR400 only provides users with two suction modes, namely Min and Max. In Min mode, the vacuum operates at a minimum suction power of 15kPa, while in Max mode, it ramps up to a maximum power of 30kPa. 

On the other hand, the VC50 offers two working modes: Automatic Mode and Manual Mode. In Automatic Mode, the vacuum intelligently adapts to different floor types, optimizing suction power depending on the cleaning surface. This automated feature ensures efficient cleaning performance without the need for manual adjustments. 

In Manual Mode, users have 3 distinct suction power levels to choose from: 13Kpa, 23Kpa, and 33Kpa. So, I think that the VC50 provides more flexibility in adjusting the suction strength to tackle various cleaning tasks. 

Cleaner Head & Cleaning Performance

BuTure VC50 vs JR400: Brush roll
BuTure VC50 vs JR400: Brush roll

Both the BuTure VC50 and JR400 come equipped with innovative floor brushes that promise exceptional performance on carpets and hard floors. The VC50 and JR400 employ different bristle designs, with the VC50 featuring V-shaped bristles and the JR400 utilizing a helix-shaped configuration. This disparity in bristle design leads to slight variations in their performance.

Both vacuums excel on hard floors, effortlessly capturing various debris sizes and leaving the surfaces spotless. It’s as if they possess a magical ability to instantly suck up everything in their path. 

However, when it comes to carpets, their performance falls short. Despite the claims of having bristles suitable for carpet cleaning, the reality is that the bristles are soft. They only prove effective on low-pile carpets, leaving much to be desired on thicker or more demanding carpet surfaces.

I prefer the V-shaped roller design of BuTure VC50 to the JR400’s brushroll design when it comes to picking up hair. Its unique comb structure and roller shape effortlessly prevent hair from tangling and ensures a hassle-free cleaning experience. It’s like having a secret weapon against pet hair that never fails to impress.

On the other hand, the JR400’s helix-shaped roller also proves its mettle in picking up pet hair without any entanglement. While it does a commendable job, it may encounter some minor tangles when dealing with long hair. 

Filtration System

The Winner: BuTure JR400

The VC50 boasts a 4-stage filtration system, while the JR400 takes it a step further with a 5-stage filtration system.

While I may not have the expertise to make a definitive judgment on which filtration system is superior, I can confidently state that I personally favor the BuTure JR400 filtration system.

The inclusion of an additional air filter in the JR400’s 5-stage filtration system impresses me, as it enhances the capture of dust particles and promotes the release of clean air. Moreover, the durability of the JR400’s filter, despite requiring more effort to clean, outweighs the need for frequent replacements of the sponge filter in the VC50. Therefore, the BuTure JR400 filtration system emerges as my preferred choice.


The Winner: BuTure VC50 

Surface Sensor

In its auto mode, the BuTure VC50 intelligently adjusts the suction power according to the cleaning surface. This smart feature ensures optimal cleaning performance without draining the battery unnecessarily. Meanwhile, the BuTure JR400 lacks this advanced technology.

User Interface

Both the BuTure VC50 and JR400 have LED touch screens, offering convenient control and access to essential information. However, their designs and functionalities differ, and I personally prefer the display of the VC50.

BuTure VC50's LED touch screen
BuTure VC50’s LED touch screen

The touch screen of the BuTure VC50 allows me to effortlessly switch between Auto and Manual modes with a simple touch. On display, I can easily monitor important indicators such as the Blockage indicator, Battery indicator, and Suction power indicator.

The suction slider on the control panel of BuTure JR400
The suction slider on the control panel of BuTure JR400

On the other hand, the touch screen of the JR400 offers control over the speed settings and displays battery power. It also provides a helpful reminder when the floor brush or dust cup is clogged.

However, I found the suction slider on the control panel to be a bit too sensitive. When I adjust the suction to achieve suction in between, it is a bit challenging as the control does not advance one level at a time. It requires some back-and-forth adjustments to reach an intermediate setting. While not a major issue, it would have been more convenient if the unit allowed for one power level advancement at a time.

LED Floor Lights

BuTure JR400's LED floor lights
BuTure JR400’s LED floor lights

Both the BuTure JR400 and VC50 are equipped with LED flood lights on the head, allowing for efficient cleaning under furniture and beds, ensuring no hidden dust goes unnoticed. The JR400 only features 4 LED floor lights. On the other hand, the VC50 takes it a step further with 6 LED floor lights. The additional lights make it easier to spot and eliminate dust in even the most hard-to-reach places.

Quick Rundown Of BuTure VC50

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  • Powerful suction with three adjustable speed settings.
  • More versatile with 2 working modes: Auto and Manual Modes
  • Intelligent surface sensor technology for optimized cleaning on different floor types.
  • Tangle-free floor brush design for hassle-free cleaning, especially with pet hair.
  • LED touch screen for easy mode switching and monitoring.
  • Not suitable for deep cleaning high-pile carpets.

Quick Rundown Of BuTure JR400

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  • Strong suction power, making it effective in picking up dirt, debris, and pet hair.
  • Intuitive LED touch screen provides easy access to control settings and information. 
  • The cleaner head prevents tangles and ensures efficient cleaning performance.
  • A 5-stage filtration system ensures hygiene.
  • The suction slider may be overly sensitive. 
  • Not suitable for deep cleaning high-pile carpets.

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