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About Victor K. Giles

Victor K. Giles
Victor K. Giles

Victor K. Giles is an illustrious consultant and preeminent authority in vacuum cleaner technology, boasting over a decade of specialized experience. Holding a mechanical engineering degree from the prestigious University of Michigan, his technical acumen lies in the domains of product development, design refinement, and comprehensive performance analysis. Victor’s talent for bridging the gap between consumers and manufacturers, along with his practical knowledge, makes him a coveted guest speaker at various industry events.

Throughout his career, Victor’s analyses and insights have consistently graced the pages of leading industry publications. His contributions extend beyond print, as he maintains an active presence online through his informative blog, “The Vacuum Teria.” On this platform, Victor educates a broad audience about the latest advancements and innovations in vacuum technology, providing detailed reviews and comparisons that empower consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Victor’s zeal for creating cleaner and healthier living environments fuels his dedication to advising clients on the optimal vacuum solutions for their unique needs. He is recognized for his meticulous approach, where he considers each client’s specific requirements, such as the size of the area to be cleaned, type of flooring, presence of pets, and personal preferences before recommending the most effective vacuum solution.

Not limited to residential environments, Victor’s expertise is also sought after by commercial businesses, seeking to maintain pristine working conditions. In these endeavors, his astute understanding of larger-scale vacuum systems, along with the impact of cleanliness on employee productivity, proves invaluable.

Victor K. Giles is not just an expert – he is a transformative figure in the vacuum cleaner industry. His dedication, expertise, and desire to continually learn and share knowledge are the driving forces behind his esteemed reputation. His unwavering commitment to healthier, cleaner spaces signifies a broader vision: one where effective, efficient vacuum technology becomes an indispensable part of our everyday lives.

About VacuumTeria

VacuumTeria is a website that reviews, tests, and compares vacuum cleaners and gives readers useful advice and the best option for their budget.

In VacuumTeria.com, you can find information about how vacuum cleaners are tested as part of a research. We performs all of its investigations in complete independence, using our own measuring equipment and following a unique research methodology which is unique to our investigations.

Reliable & independent research

In order to write a comprehensive review of vacuum cleaners, we at VacuumTeria.com go from A to Z. The method of research used for this purpose is a unique one. The methodology that we developed was born out of more than four years of experience in the vacuum cleaner industry.

How do I finance VacuumTeria ?

In VacuumTeria, we do not allow any advertising to appear. As a result, there are no banner ads or pop-ups.

However, we do include commission links. We can use these links to make a commission if someone purchases from a marketplace. There are a variety of marketplaces to choose from, such as eBay and Amazon. Therefore, you have no additional costs, and we can still buy all test devices myself.

We do not allow manufacturers like Shark, Bissell, Eureka, Hoover, etc., to influence our tests. As a result, we wouldn’t be able to test as independently, and we would no longer enjoy it if we sold our contributions to these manufacturers.

We do not sell product tests to manufacturers! However, on VacuumTeria, there are occasionally collaborations. We always make this clear in these cases!

How do we test

We evaluate the following elements in each review:

  • Performance: We test vacuum cleaners on various surfaces to determine their suction performance. Everything from thin-pile carpet to flimsy wooden floors. We accomplish this by using special floor trays filled with various soil types.
  • Accessories: Each review should begin with an unboxing. We examine what you receive and the relative worth of these items. Consider using a powered brush to get rid of pet hair.
  • Usability: What is the weight of a vacuum cleaner? And how loud does it sound? We conduct our research even though a company says this on the packaging. And certainly, this varies greatly in many instances.
  • Maintenance: Vacuum cleaner maintenance is crucial. We examine the ease of vacuum cleaner emptying and the ability to clean filters.